BULMER'S POINTE . site plan

Bulmer's Pointe is a 32.5-hectare, low-impact community located on the east shore of British Columbia's Kootenay Lake. The property offers 25 lakeside lots and eight wilderness lots overlooking the lake.

Most of the lakeside lots at the south end of the property rise dramatically to gently sloped forested shelves, creating building sites with exceptional views to the west. Lakeside lots on the property's north end rise more gently from the lake, but still offer breathtaking views to the west and northwest.

The community's eight large wilderness lots overlook the lake and are lushly forested and back onto a large tract of community property with trails, a park and a communal garden. Sloping from front to back, these sites offer elevated west-facing views.

Bulmer's Pointe site also includes:

site plan