Bulmer's Pointe - Kootney Lake BC Property

BULMER'S POINTE . year round access, maintenance and operator

At Bulmer's Pointe, you'll find peace of mind at any time. The Timber Frame structure for the Operator House was raised on December 17, 2007. Your lakeside home will be accessible and cared for throughout the year.

Our full-time operator duties are expected to include:

  • Maintain all common property and community roads through the year
  • Provide general security (mainly from wildlife)
  • Ensure the communal fruit and vegetable garden is planted and maintained annually
  • Monitor owners' building and property (owners can install remote monitoring equipment linked to the operator's residence)
  • Monitor the septic and water treatment systems.

Currently, we anticipate the operator will provide these duties in exchange for lodging; the operator's residence will be jointly owned by the community's 32 property owners.

Owners may also be able to retain the operator for:

  • Housekeeping and recycling
  • Weekly home inspections (required by insurers for recreational or secondary properties)
  • Provision of basic supplies.

communal garden

Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the Bulmer's Pointe communal garden. Our one-acre, fenced communal garden will be planted and tended each summer so that owners can harvest everything from strawberries to squash during their escape to Kootenay Lake.