BULMER'S POINTE ~ frequently asked questions

Q: What are the operator's duties and responsibilities?

A: The year-round resident operator at Bulmer's Pointe will:

As well, residents may have the option of retaining the operator for additional duties such as: garbage removal and recycling; housekeeping and scheduled home inspections; pick up and delivery of basic supplies (such as groceries and fuel); and property security (mainly to patrol for wildlife).

Q: How do I purchase a lot at Bulmer's Pointe?

Q: Who developed and operates Bulmer's Pointe?

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR). Among the company's properties are Emerald Lake Lodge in Field B.C., Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff Alberta, and Deer Lodge in Lake Louise Alberta.

Q: What utilities does Bulmer's Pointe have?

A: All lots at Bulmer's Pointe will have:

Additional information is provided in Bulmer's Pointe sales package.

Q: What will the homes be like at Bulmer's Pointe?

A: Design and architectural guidelines for Bulmer's Pointe have been developed to ensure the community has a consistent architectural style that respects and preserves the surrounding natural environment and enhances its overall aesthetic look.

Click here for a PDF of the Design Guidelines.

Q: Apart from land and construction costs, what other costs are associated with owning a lot at Bulmer's Pointe?

A: As with any property, owners will be responsible for all property taxes. As Bulmer's Pointe is a bareland strata subdivision, lot owners will be responsible for their strata fees. In addition, each lot owner is a 1/33 owner in the operator lot and improvements, and subsequently is responsible for 1/33 of the taxes and strata fees for the operator residence. An estimated budget on strata fees is included in the disclosure statement.

There are a few one-time expenses. At closing, British Columbia imposes a Property Purchase Tax (PPT). This tax is calculated by multiplying the first $200,000 by 1% and everything thereafter by 2%. Hence, a $500,000 lot would incur a PPT of $8,000. The sale of new property is subject to a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6%. Hence, a $500,000 lot is subject to a GST of $30,000. In addition, B.C. law requires each Purchaser to be represented by legal council. The sales team may provide referrals and quotes for local attorneys. At time of construction, each property owner is responsible for installing his or her own sewage disposal (septic tank, pump chamber and pump).

Q: What kind of boating facilities will Bulmer's Pointe have?

A: Roco Developments is currently discussing plans with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to install a communal docking area at Bulmer's Pointe. Slips will be available to lot owners; our sale team can provide additional information about boat storage facilities.

Boat launches, fuel and other commercial boat supplies are available at numerous marinas on Kootenay Lake, the closest being Beachcombers Resort & Marina and Schroeder Creek Resort & Marina in Kaslo.

Q: Is there a risk of forest fire in the Kootenay Lake area?

A: Throughout British Columbia's vast forests and wilderness areas, forest fires can be a risk depending on seasonal conditions. At Bulmer's Pointe, this risk will be greatly reduced; deadfall and dried material have already been removed from the property. As well, the community will be equipped with water hydrants and basic fire-fighting equipment will be stored at the operator's property. The community will enforce fire-smart guidelines to further reduce fire risk during construction and residency.

Q: Are there bears along Kootenay Lake?

A: The many natural areas around Kootenay Lake are ideal habitat for bears. The thrill of seeing one of these powerful animals should always be tempered with the knowledge that bears and people often come into conflict.

Bears may wander into Bulmer's Pointe, and residents will be encouraged to be "bear aware".

Q: How will Wilderness Lot owners access the lake?

A: Public Access to the lake has already been created at the Northern end of the community. This area extends 63 meters (205 feet) of waterfront and features some of the area's softest sand and most sheltered waters for swimming. A community trail will run along the shared access road for lots 27 to 31, cross Bulmer Creek and run into the common property (or "natural area") around "Old Man Bulmer's Cabin" and down to the beach. In the event that the communal docking facilities are approved, the slips will be sold on a first I-in, first-choice basis; lot location will not influence access to the communal dock.

Fire-smart Guidelines

Homeowners can take these simple steps to improve the fire resistance of their home and property.

For more information on protecting your home from fire, visit www.iclr.org.